Welcome to my site, where I will try to follow the old Serbian custom of being a good host and lead you securely from the first up to the last page. You will be granted an opportunity to become acquainted with me and my work, as well as with everything else closely related to violine and its closest relatives - viola and cello.

My name is Dejan Blagojevic. I was born in 1963. in Belgrade, where I am still living. My main vocation is that of a musician, i.e. I have graduated on FMU (Faculty of Music) in the viola department, in the group led by the professor Petar Ivanovic. Through many years of my active music performance (orchestra music, chamber music, etc.), I have developed one other activity and skill - and that is repair and construction of stringed instruments. This second activity has finally overcome all the other activities and has become not only the leading one in my life, but the unavoidable one, since it has been supported with great love and inspiration. Of course, a great amount of gratitude I owe to my family, my wife and children, who gave me a significant support, accepting my daily absence from home, lasting for hours, just for the sake of 'some violins'.

Today, after more than 30 years since I have started with some smaller repairs, up to nowadays when I have constructed a significant number of my own instruments as well, I can say it all had some higher purpose, because I truly believed in what I was doing and desiring. Perhaps this can serve as an roadsign, no matter how this may sound as an phrase, to all those who cannot decide which way to go, not recognizing at the moment what is that which inspires them and dragging to the other side.